O’Neill Nylon Infant USCG Life Jacket Review

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For parents who want to keep their children safe. The O’Neill infant life jacket is the best solution. This life jacket secures the baby during swimming or even boating. This also helps when the baby is playing in the swimming pool. This enables you to swim comfortably knowing that the baby is very safe in the water. You feel confidence because of the safety that the infant life jacket grants to the baby. Check out the O’Neill Infant Life jacket here.

The life jacket is specifically designed to help the baby to comfortably play in the swimming pool as the parents or mother takes a swim in the pool.  The infant life jacket has certain features that ensure that the safety of the child or baby is guaranteed. It is soft and very comfortably, therefore, the baby will not get irritated in the swimming pool.

O’Neill Kids Life Jacket Features

  • Infant life jacket with various color combinations for boys and girls.
  • ULC and USCG approved flotation device
  • Closed cell PVC marine foam with coated nylon shell.
  • Durable exterior soft and comfortable
  • Adjustable safety belt with quick release Delrin buckles
  • Free Shipping and Free Returns

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The life jacket has durable buckles. It has foam flotation that is behind the head, which essentially helps to keep the baby in head up position this is when in the water handy loop. The life jacket has a head flotation cushion, which lets the mother or caretaker to keep a secure hand on the baby. This also makes it much easier for the person to control the baby inside the water. This is supported by the adjustable safety belt. This is long lasting and very durable. In addition, it is USCG approved.

O’Neill USCG Nylon Infant Life Vest Review

The various consumers who did purchase the infant life jacket found it very reliable. Most consumers appreciated the fact that they could take their babies with them to the swimming pool. They were also able to play with kids in the water confidently. The appreciated the ability of the life jacket to properly, hold the baby in place. The consumers also did like the safety standards the infant life jacket gives to the baby. In addition, some consumers loved the level of comfort the life jacket gives to their children. They noted that it was much easier to train the baby to play with water without ever feeling that the child is at risk. Consumers also noted the fast that the life jacket was very helpful in such a way that they could confidently leave the baby in the water and continue swimming as the baby plays in the swimming pool. Click here to read more reviews.

The only concern that the consumers raised, was the fact that they were able to enjoy themselves in the water with the baby that the baby would sometimes resist, when being taken out of the water after the swimming session is over.

The O’Neill life jacket is specially made for the babies. Anybody can use it to even train the baby on safety in the water. In addition, it is very affordable. The consumers highly recommended it for the efficiency and safety measures that it has. These safety measures keep your child comfortable in the water. The consumers gave this infant life jacket an overall rating of 4.7 out of 5. Click here to check it out.

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