Stearns Child’s Classic Boating Vest Review

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The Stearns Child’s Classic Boating Vest is perfectly designed for the family that loves boating and has small children. As the law requires all children that ride in a boat must have an approved life jacket on at all times. The vet is designed as to give your child the needed protection and yet still be comfortable enough to move around. To appeal to kids the Child’s Classic Boating Vest comes in different colors.

The best place to get life vest is from Amazon. They currently offer an amazing deal with the lowest price I could find anywhere. Also their customer service is top of the line and the shipping was super-fast. I received my life vest in 2.5 days after ordering. Very impressive! Click here to see the Stearns Child’s Classic Boating Vest on Amazon.

The Child’s Classic Boating Vest from Stearns will provide your child with protection from drowning in the event they accidentally fall over board into the water. It is designed to provide plenty of buoyancy for kids weighing between 30-50lb.

Stearns Child’s Classic Boating Vest Features

  • Fits kids weighing 30-50 pounds
  • Durable nylon construction
  • Secure 1″ webbing, Open-sided vest
  • Coast-Guard approved
  • Leg strap so vest stays in place, even in the water

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The vest is made from a very durable and yet lightweight nylon, which means it, will be around for a long time after your child out grows it. The straps that hold the vest are fastened from 1” nylon webbing. There is also a nylon strap at the bottom of the vest that is designed to wrap around your child’s leg to ensure that it does not slip off. Three buckles on the ends of each of the straps help to secure the vest to your child.

Thinking back I know I was not very happy having to wear one of the old fashioned bulking orange life jackets. The Stearns life vest is much different due to its wrap around design with open sides makes it much more comfortable for your child. Having this type of life vest will definitely come in handy for parents to be able teach their kids about the necessity of wearing life jackets when anywhere near the water.

Stearns has 50 years of experience as makers of personal flotation devices. They have a reputation of being the leader in the PFD industry. The Child’s Classic Boating Vest like all of the flotation devices that Stearns make are approved by the US Coast Guard for buoyancy.

Looking at the reviews posted on line about the Stearns Child’s Classic Boating Vest are kind of mixed. It received a lot high ratings, but not all the comments were on the positive side. Many reviewers were disappointed with the size of the vest when it arrived at their door. The vest was supposed to come in three different sizes, which were based on weight, and not body size.

Another comment from a reviewer seemed to be more of a piece of advice about the leg strap can cause chaffing and you should keep that in mind. The majority of the comments regarding the quality and safety of the life vest were extremely positive. The parents and their kids just loved the vest and had all confidence that they would be completely safe in the water had they fallen in by accident. Over all this Stearn life vest received 4.5 stars rating among Amazon customers, here are a few things people have said about it.

As a parent I would highly recommend that all parents teach their kids the importance of wearing life jackets while boating and any time you are by the water. With it’s 50 year’s of experience you cannot go wrong buying these life jackets for your kids. I would however, recommend you be very careful about the size of your child versus the weight ranges. After reviewing all of the online reviews I would have to recommend this vest to all parents with kids if they own a boat. Click here to read more reviews.

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