Stearns Kids Puddle Jumper Features

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The Stearns Kids Puddle Jumper is a life jacket that every discerning parent or guardian should have for their toddlers. As you go for that vocation with your family or you are enjoying the pool with your toddlers, this is an accessory that would not only be convenient for your toddlers but it would be really helpful in the aversion of uncalled for calamities. Apart from its comfort, other notable features of this puddle jumper are that it has been approved by the relevant authorities and the puddle jumpers are made of fine polyester.

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Made of polyester
It is important that the material used to make the puddle jumper be material that has the following qualities: an ability to ensure maximum buoyancy on the toddler. Secondly, an ability to guarantee the safety of the toddler once they put it on. The Stearns Kids Puddle Jumper is made of polyester material. The polyester is soft, durable and long lasting. The polyester is also intricately woven giving it the capability to float on water due to its high level of buoyancy. This should ensure that once you have fitted the toddler on this puddle jumper, you can rest assured that they would be safe.

For any parent or guardian, it is important that the puddle jumper you fit your toddler on should be approved by the relevant authorities. This should give you the confidence to know that your toddler would be safe once they use the puddle jumper. The Stearns Kids Puddle Jumper has been approved by the U.S Coast Guards. This gives it the vote of confidence that it needs so that you may know as a parent that the puddle jumper is safe to use. Thus, when using this puddle jumper, one can have the confidence that the safety of their child is assured.

As the toddlers use any kids life jackets, it is important that it fits comfortably on them. This is crucial in the following ways: firstly, a comfortable puddle jumper ensures that the toddler would love the experience of playing on the waters. Secondly, a comfortable puddle jumper would give the child stability while they are in the water and allow them to use their hands freely in the water. The Stearns Kids Puddle Jumper has been designed with all these qualities in mind. Thus, as a guardian or parent, you can rest assured that this puddle jumper would neither be too tight on your toddler’s chest and hands.

The puddle jumper comes in a variety of colors that would be appealing to the child. There are those that have brightly colored animations. Others have pictures of animals that would excite the toddlers as they put them on.

Other features of the Stearns Kids Puddle Jumper are as follows: the puddle jumper measures 15.74 inches in length by 6 inches in width by 5 inches in height. The puddle jumper can also comfortably fit children with a weight of at least 30 pounds and a maximum weight of 50 pounds.

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Customer Reviews

Jessica Smith May 8th, 2012 (#)

Offering a full range of motion and great stability, a Stearns® puddle jumper life vest gives your child the confidence to enjoy the water. The puddle jumper life vest from Stearns® is Coast Guard approved and comes in several fun colors and designs.

Rafa June 16th, 2012 (#)

Gorgeous!! {K} is my adorable niece and I always knew she was photogenic but these are amazing!!! Now I want to figure out how to squeeze it into our schedules for my daughter to come up and be photographed with her cousin. You are talented!

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