X20 Universal Adult Life Jacket Vest Review

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The X20 universal adult life jacket XV100B that comes in with blue & black design is guaranteed to make water sports a whole lot safer.  We all know that a life vest is a must when doing water sports and this life jacket is just the right product for all your water sport safety needs.

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This universal life vest is manufactured to fit every person over 90lbs using a smooth 200-denier nylon that adds to its durability without affecting comfort. Ideal for water-skiing, water-boarding, jet skiing or any other water sport, the X20 universal adult life jacket vest is a must have as it is approved by USCG to ensure safety while having fun under the sun. The cool blue and gray design gives water sports  a refreshing new look making it more fun, unlike conventional orange colored tube like life jackets that is commonly used.  Also comes in a warm looking red design.

X20 Life Vest Features

  • USCG approved adult flotation vest
  • Universal life jacket with 3 adjustable buckles
  • Maximize comfort with EZ adjustable sizing
  • Free Shipping & Free Returns

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As the name suggests, the X20 universal life vest XV100B fits most adults with straps to easily adjust to fit your body size. This vest is very lightweight, has excellent buoyancy and does not deteriorate. The neck area fits tightly but not choking, making you feel secure and the three belts gives girth to places where you need it most. The best feature of this vest is definitely the price. It is a lot cheaper than most life vests but definitely does not compromise quality.

The only downside of this life vest is the limitation in size. Although it is universal, it is limited to persons who have a large chest size. If a person is too tall or too small, the fitting will not be as comfortable as it should be. Definitely not for children or people with small stature as the vest tend to push up to the neck when sitting.

X20 XV100B Life Jacket Review

Several reviews online points out that the X20 XV100B life vest is a pretty good, durable and dependable life jacket with great design and the price is just worth it. Definitely a must have for water sports lovers who does not want to spent much on high quality life vests. The X20 life jacket fits perfectly to most adults as one reviewer mentioned that the tight fit makes you feel secure but not too tight as to choke you or make you feel uncomfortable. The design also has a good amount of brightness to it making you easy to spot.

There were however, several negative reviews too; as one reviewer commented that the “universal” vest are not really universal. Reviewers mostly complain about the size of the fest either too big or too small and other flaws such as the design and the fit on other areas. None commented on the overall safety qualities of the vest. The X20 universal adult life jacket XV100B receives a great score of 4 stars on Amazon.com. Click here to read more reviews on Amazon.

So if you are in to water sports like kayaking, water skiing or jet skiing; I highly recommend the X20 adult life jacket. Stylish, comfortable, great price and safety guaranteed! Click here to check it out.

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